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Xodus Retreat "SALTY" 2024

For 12 years, we've seen campers from around the state discover the difference Jesus can make when you choose to trust Him. We believe that is true, now more than ever!

While we will not be hosting a 2024 summer season student retreat titled "SALTY", our focus remains on seeking the Lord, seeking His manner of pursuing this beautiful generation, adjusting the calendar season for better results, and working on accommodations preparing the soil for the students for the Spring of 2025!  

So, what's your part on this journey with us?

Pray for wisdom.

We fully believe we are following what the Holy Spirit has instructed us to do during this season. Our heart is to hear what He has to say for the camp/retreat and continue to obey it. Would you pray 1 John 2:20 over the leadership team as they continue to make decisions?

"But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things."

- I John 2:20 NKJV

Sign Up A Group of Volunteers

Throughout 2024, would you be interested in volunteering your time to serve a simple overnight event for different age groups throughout the year?  The goal would be to create a database of servants ready to be the hands and feet utilizing their gifts and talents to serve the Kingdom of God through this ministry. 

We serve the Men, Students, and Women in these retreats. 

If you'd be interested in volunteering or bringing a group of volunteers, please sign up in the volunteer sign up in the home page, and we will connect with more information in 2024.


We believe that the Lord is beginning to shift us into the next phase of ministry for His Glory, and we will continue to be vigilantly faithful to His heavenly assignment. While we will deeply miss being all together with you this summer, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you to the best-case scenario for your group. May you always remember that nothing takes the place of the anointing of Jesus Christ.


Steady & Strong, The Xodus Project

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