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Ways to support the movement 

Today, we have come to realize that the Xodus Project has grown

bigger than ourselves! Although the founders and board members have

been working with the youth for many years, we couldn’t have

imagined that God would utilize us to this capacity. We are a

vessel for God’s message of love and salvation; which shows

no bias to age or religion. He simply asks us to share the

Good News and be fishers of men. (Mark 1:17) In its’ trial

year, numerous passionate, private, and corporate donations

were made to the Xodus Project. Since 2012 ,we have had the privilege

minister to over 1,500 teens and 80 volunteers. Our attendees are

from all walks of life and social statuses. They are recruited by

church newsletters, flyers, social media, or by a simple invitation from a


In 2014 we have expanded the Xodus experience to people of

all ages. We look forward to working with adults that are eager

to break away as well. Admission is held to a minimum to

allow everyone a chance to have an extraordinary

experience with Christ. Up until now, God has provided

giving hearts and compassionate people to provide for the

needs of this program. We humbly ask for your support to

help this ministry continue to grow. Your contributions will be

greatly appreciated.

What Does Your Future Hold?

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